Too Soon For Poetry?

I have been busy of late: yesterday I didn’t even have time to do yoga, such was the rush I was in as I exited the house, sandwiches and thermos in saddle-bags, to cycle over to the Martyrs and experience church followed by the AGM.  In between these two events some quite unfeasibly large and sticky Danish pastries were served.  Then we hied us to Town Hall square where I ate my sandwiches and then we mooched around the shops until it was time for the People’s Arts Collective meeting.

At the PAC meeting we discussed our launch in May, when we will have an event with a number of performances, stalls, installations etc – and another event in September where we will be inviting a Special Guest.  I’m not allowed to say who this is yet, but watch this space…

So after that we took a slow walk up to Narborough Rd and installed ourselves in Yesim’s.  I hadn’t been there since we moved, so it was good to see Hayri and the others and to enjoy a newly-refurbished bar with more space.  A load of people turned up but I left early as I was knackered and had to cycle home; by this time I’d had enough of cycling and walking and arrived home utterly shattered.

So!  Today I have had a disappointment – the Richard Attenborough centre have rejected my proposal to run a poetry course there.  They made an odd response, I thought – saying that it was ‘too soon’ to run a course like mine.  I couldn’t understand why that would be – so I’ve written back to them asking why it’s too soon to run a course which was very successful just a couple of weeks ago at that same venue.  I don’t know what they’re thinking, quite honestly.  Before that, I went over to the University to put some posters up for English tuition and someone told me the English teaching centre might be hiring, so I will check that out.

In the afternoon I worked on some poems for Westcotes Library and Sing for Water – and began to get together a short story collection for Boobooks:

And that’s me up to date.

How about you?

Kirk out

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