Poeting for Water

People listen up! I have been asked to write and perform a poem for Leicester Sing for Water on Sunday 8th June.  So please sponsor me as much or as little as you can. Just comment below and I will put you on my sponsor form. And come and support me on the day!

Today I have been poeting against war: specifically at an anti-war remembrance do-dah at the Secular Hall called ‘Memories in Conflict’.  Funded by lottery money, it was a sequence of poems (both War Poems and our own: I did ‘There’s a War on’ as well as one by Siegfried Sassoon) small-group discussions and talks.  Richard gave a talk on his own family history and how that connected with the war; someone else gave a talk on the history of pacifism in Leicester, which involved Ramsay Macdonald amongst others; there was a film featuring Harry Patch:


and in the middle of it all was a delicious lunch of rice and two sorts of veggie curry.  Brill!

Then on the way back my bike developed a puncture and had to be pushed home.  Not good.

We are going to Knighton Free Evangelical Church this evening, which Mark says is Not as Scary as It Used to Be.  And that’s official, folks!

Kirk out


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