The Utter Multiplicity of Effusions

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit indoors-y I like to go outside.  That seems like a bit of a no-brainer, but how often do we make excuses not to go out?  ‘It’s a bit windy; I feel cold; I don’t feel like going out today.’  We’ve all been there – or rather, we’ve all not been there and just sat in our chair because it’s easier.  Especially in winter.  But this time of year there’s no excuse.  I positively defy you to go out and experience the utter multiplicity of effusions that are springing from the ground right now.  The forget-me-nots are out:

the grape hyacinths are out:

Argh!  Now it’s posted three of these and won’t let me delete them.  Oh, well – looks like it’s a good year for grape hyacinths.  What else have we got?  There’s blossom everywhere:

and that’s without mentioning all the butterflies that are fluttering by and the bees that are busy already.  What are you waiting for?  Yesterday in my garden when I was mowing the lawn a robin came so close it almost got chopped up by the blades in order to snatch the worms which lay exposed on the surface.

So get outside!  Go into your garden.  If you haven’t got a garden, go to the park – but GO!

Go on.  Now!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mary.

Kirk out


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