So This is All Good

It’s been a beautiful day here in blogland and I’ve been as busy as a pollen-gathering insect.  This morning I wrestled with the novel whose first two chapters I intend to send to Cinnamon Press

then I wrangled somewhat less successfully with the Sing for Water poem, before remembering that I needed to fix my bike for tomorrow when I shall be at Westcotes Library to protest its possible closure.  Come down if you can – the Mercury will be there:

Having fixed an awkward puncture and discovered that the inner tube of our wheelbarrow is beyond repair, I started to make soup while listening to the Afternoon Play.  This was based on the TV series ‘Silk’ which I enjoyed and probably mentioned on here.

Then at three o’clock a sadly diminished Spanish group turned up for their first session.  We learned to say ‘hola’ (hallo), ‘soy Liz’ (I’m Liz), ‘quien es?’ (who’s that?) and to count to ten with the help of Sesame Street.  Sadly I can’t find out how to do the upside-down question marks on here, but they practised writing those at the end of the session and seemed to enjoy it.  So that’s all good.

Damn, I must stop saying that!

I then dashed to the Co-op to buy cheese, Gromit,* and managed to squeeze a couple of lemons and some sugar into my shopping basket.**  These are to make my first batch of wine this year, which will be nettle: the blackberries and elderberries will have to wait until I can get some raisins.

Mark did a herb walk on Aylestone Meadows which apparently was successful – and he’s had a couple of people take up his offer of weeding their garden.

So that’s all good.


Oh, and I’m slightly concerned about how the neighbours will react to being invited to tea.  I saw one of them today and she looked a bit embarrassed and didn’t mention it.

So that’s me up to date.  How about you?  How was your day?

Kirk out

*Gromit wanted to come in there so, in the true spirit of Winnie-the-Pooh, I let him.

** not literally




4 thoughts on “So This is All Good

  1. So how did the tea party go. It sounds a bit political, as in Sarah Palin and her tea party. Now if their politics is far, far right outside the box, it will be interesting to read about the Leicester Tea Party’s views and positions on the worlds dilemmas.
    I am also asking for some positive waves for tomorrow, as we have finally got the interview/assessment with ATOS about Cynth’s claim for a PIP. We have been haemorrhaging £100 a week since end of November, waiting for this interview. So please send us some positive waves. I ll let you know how we get on.

    Take care on that bike of yours,

    1. I know what it’s like to haemorrhage money! Will certainly send positive thoughts. no, the tea party is definitely not political, just tea and cakes. It’s happening on Saturday

  2. Don’t spend out on too many cakes, hang on , did I really write that? Go to Sainsburys and buy Doughnuts, 5 for 65p, what you don’t eat on Saturday you can eat later with ice cream, or with hot custard. Mmmmdoughnuts, that is certainly making my saliva glands work.

    Seriously, the ATOS interview was horrific, more like a police interrogation, I am not exaggerating here , we were confronted by a young man, under 25 who offered no water, and adopted a bullying stance from the word go. Cynth was cross examined for 59 minutes, and now we must wait a further 4- 6 weeks for a decision to be made.

    If you know anyone else waiting for one of these assessments. Offer to go with them as their carer/friend, it will open your eyes to see at first hand how harrowing these things are. Cynth was exhausted and traumatised by it all, she had to reveal very very personal info, re suicide , eg how many times a week do you contemplate suicide? Have you ever attempted to kill yourself? Why do you feel a burden on your family? Can you wipe your bottom?

    It was bad. But now we wait for the DHSS to make a decision.

    Take care , and enjoy Saturday, it is an opportunity to showcase your talents, and remember if they do not come, it is their loss, not yours.

    1. Oh, my god – that is utterly horrific.  There is an ongoing campaign to have this work taken away from ATOS – Cynth’s is not the first story I’ve heard of bullying and interrogation..  I hope she recovers from it.  I don’t know what planet these people are on, frankly. As for cakes, Holly is making a chocolate cake and some friends are bringing flapjacks so we won’t be spending much. Shame you’re not closer, you could come round Take care


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