Dandelions, Blackcurrants and Potatoes

Well, and where have I been for the last two days?  In my pit, that’s where.  Rising only perfunctorily to make dandelion wine and potato curry; I have spent yesterday and today in a state of stupor only partly accounted for by the deliciously blackcurranty Rioja brought round by a neighbour.  Yes! the neighbours came on Saturday, or some of them at any rate: two couples, one with a three-day-old baby!  Yes, you read that right – three days!  I was astonished at their going anywhere with a baby that small but I guess they didn’t have to come far.  So a good afternoon was had by all.

So that’s all good.

Blast, I did it again!  Still, the series has finished now.  Only four episodes!  That’s a weird length.

So.. the great news is that our financial problems are now at an end.  We are no longer threatened with homelessness, and this is such a relief that I have found myself in a state of exhaustion after all the anxiety.  Yesterday I slept till midday, and today I fell asleep in the bath for about an hour.  An hour!  I’m still knackered.  Think I’ll have a week off writing this week.

And that’s us up to date.  Happy Easter.

Kirk out

PS  Oh, and we’ve decided to hold our housewarming in June.  Watch this space!


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