St George Wasn’t British, I’m not Deaf and Liam Neeson isn’t God. Apparently…

Well, happy St George’s Day if that means anything at all to you – which it certainly doesn’t to me: especially since St George was, by all accounts, from somewhere in modern Turkey and not from Guildford at all.  Goodness only knows where the dragon was from.  Perhaps Mark knows?

But Mark is busy talking to the woman from BBC radio 4’s ‘Feedback’ programme.  I was all a-ferment when she rang, wondering what it could be about.  Apparently it was in response to his complaint about yesterday’s ‘PM’ and 6 0’clock news.  Having switched PM off during an extremely long discussion about the next Manchester United manager, we put on the news only to be confronted with a seven-minute-long!!! item about the very same thing!  This is NOT NEWS!  I don’t give a flying f*ck about football, but whether I do or not, it’s not bloody news!  England winning the world cup; Andy Murray winning Wimbledon – yes, that’s news: but the next effing manager of an effing football team does not deserve seven full minutes of a half-hour programme.  So listen to ‘Feedback’ on Friday and you might hear Mark ranting about it.
So yesterday was otherwise quite restful: in between Spanish sessions I watched ‘Becoming Jane’ followed by ‘Jamaica Inn’.  Now, i have been slightly worried on occasion by my hearing; but during the latter I became convinced that I was going deaf.  I couldn’t hear a word of the dialogue apart from a few snatches; and since Daniel has wrested his X-box from our control, I have no access to subtitles either.  So I was getting quite worried until this morning on a thankfully football-light ‘Today’ programme they revealed that the sound quality was awful!  Apparently no-one could hear it, and vast swathes of the populace were, like me, convinced that they were going deaf.
But what about Rev, eh?  I didn’t see that one coming!  I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it but bloody hell!  And I’m sure that was Liam Neeson as God, but he wasn’t credited.
Who is this God person anyway?
Kirk out
PS and come down to the Donkey tonight where I’m doing some poems for World Book Night.

6 thoughts on “St George Wasn’t British, I’m not Deaf and Liam Neeson isn’t God. Apparently…

  1. We watched Jamaica Inn last night too, I am pretty good with understanding dialects, having been around the block a bit during the last 60 years. However, the landlord’s authentic Cornish jibber ish , was I audible at best, and possibly Vulcan. I realise of course that this is the BBC’s attempt to provide a balanced view, in response to the negative comments received by the corporation on W1A.
    Seriously though, I was hooked about 20 minutes into the story, having never read the book, I thought the author was RL Stevenson !
    The realism of the filth and squalor has been taken from shows like Hell on Wheels and Deadwood . Why did women wear those clothes? Washing the mud out must have been a never ending thankless task. It did strike me as a bit confusing about who the goodies and baddies are. The excise men are thugs. The magistrate is behaving like judge Jeffries , totally unapproachable. The rest of the cast are smugglers all, are they the good guys? Just trying to make a living and avoiding taxes. And then we had the appearance of The Ross Kemp character, doing one of his exposes ‘Ross Kemp on Cornish smugglers!

    Yes I will watch episode 2 this afternoon and let you know my thoughts. Now where is me English/Cornish dictionary

  2. You obviously did better than me! What was the criticism the BBC had about W1A? Too white and middle-class? Too London-based?

  3. In the first episode, there was a Nigel farage style Cornish man , criticising the BBC for its lack of Cornish content, and how West Country accents are not heard, amidst the drone of London or Lancashire accents.

    This leads that Welsh woman to say’ I am not being funny when I say this BUT you ignore this at your peril, people used to mock the Welsh and look where we re now.

    W1A was brilliant, it could have run for much longer than 4 episodes. It was cheap to make, filmed on site, perhaps someone at the Beeb lost their sense of humour, and or realised what a total bunch of out of touch, politically correct t..,,rs they all are.

    Channel 4 would have aired it for much longer.

    To axe it after just 4 shows is a terrible abuse of power by somebody at the BBC.

    Oh yes and Jamaica Inn, did you catch the authentic head scratching, for fleas or lice when she took her bonnet off. The bedroom set, was gross, my skin was crawling just looking at all that filth and damp.

  4. We thought it was a joke, but it is reality. Nick Clegg announces £120k grant to boost use of Cornish Language. EU recognise Cornwall and the Cornish people as official Celtic minority on a par with Wales and Welsh. 5th March to be official St. P something day.

    If it was the 1st of April I would understand, but…….
    No I am awake, I am not fantasising, it is officially reported thus on the Bbc news website.

    This means more Cornish gibberish on tv, Doc Martin remade in Cornish with English Sub Titles. Stand by for Poldark revisited. And BA in Cornish Studies offered by Truro University. Honorary doctorate awarded to Jethro for services to the. Cornish Language.

    Add your own thoughts at will

    1. Hmm… I have no objection to promoting real languages actually spoken by minorities but is that the case here?  I think not


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