Adolf Hitler: his Downfall’s Part in my Life

I have spent much of the last week trying to watch the brilliant film about Hitler’s last days, ‘Downfall’.  It’s 2 hrs 24 minutes long and downloading Downfall was the downfall of my efforts to watch it because it took almost as long to download as it did to watch.  In the end instead of seeing the whole thing with Mark I had to view it in shifts, occasionally coinciding with him for the odd ten minutes.  Even then I missed the last 20 minutes or so.  But it’s a hypnotic film.  At first it doesn’t seem very interesting but you are drawn in.  At first Hitler doesn’t seem very evil; but little by little his delusions and dementia overpower the viewer as they overpowered him.  The most heartbreaking scene is when Himmler and his wife poison the six children who have remained in the bunker with them: they first give them a sleeping draught and then place a poison tablet between their teeth and clamp the jaws together.  The children give a little convulsion as the pill takes effect.

It’s gone from the iplayer now but here it is on imdb:

Of course no week is complete without watching an episode of Rev; and the series sadly came to an end on Monday.  With the church closed, Adam decides he has the skills to be a management consultant: when this attempt fails he loses hope and takes to lying in bed like a lot of despairing unemployed people do (I know whereof I speak).  In a brilliantly scripted turn-around, the usual ‘talking to God’ slot is occupied first by his wife and then in turn by all his parishioners.  Like the disciples they have all shunned him and judged him – all apart from Alex – but in the end there’s a reconciliation: they break into the church and hold an impromptu Easter service.

Rev is a stunning combination of human failing and inspiration; what’s more, I can never guess where it’s going.  Can’t wait for the next series.  Please tell me there’s going to be one!

Kirk out


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