It’s a Bit Cheesy But…

So today, as many people have spotted, is Star Wars day (think about it: it’s May 4th) – but I have never seen Star Wars and always think of the Al Stewart song ‘The Night of the 4th of May’.  It’s a song of love and betrayal and is quite beautiful, though not as heartbreaking as ‘The News from Spain’:

So today, the fourth of May, we went down to Westival, a new festival on Braunstone Gate.  They had live music, cup cakes, clothes and the most wonderful Indian food I’ve had in a long time: we shared some onion bhajis and a Bombay Aloo (which I suppose nowadays ought to be called a Mumbai Aloo but isn’t).  After that we wandered around fingering the clothes and sampling the cakes, until it was time to come home.

But this morning I wanted to write this.  It’s a bit cheesy, but consider: if you only had those things in your life that you were thankful for yesterday, what would you have?  It’s all too easy to take stuff for granted, even those things you’ve wanted for years and years and considered would make your life complete.  We tend to think in terms of ‘I’ll be happy when…’  When I’ve got that dream job, when I’ve bought a house, when I’ve saved enough to go on holiday; when I’ve got married or had kids or lost weight or or or…  the fact is that if you’re not happy with what you’ve got now, you’re not going to be happy then.  And why?  Because happiness does not reside in the external.  Happiness resides within.

So be happy.  Even if you’re miserable.

Especially if you’re miserable.

Kirk out


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