My Big Brake

Yesterday was great.  I pottered around in the morning getting things ready, taught Spanish in the afternoon, and then in the evening we walked down to the Y Theatre for the first Word! I have been to in quite a while.  I have a great affection for Word! as it’s where I started off, when Word! was young and I was new to performing poetry.  I didn’t know if I could do it – on the whole I thought I couldn’t – but the people there were so encouraging that I gave it a try and hey! I could do it.  So I did.  And look how we’ve grown – Word! has gone from strength to strength and so have all of us.

I like the way they’ve restructured the performances as well – instead of a long, long open-mic section followed by a main act, they have ten open mic slots followed by a support (me) and another ten followed by the main act.  My ‘set’ went really well; after a minute or two I felt right at home just as I always had, and it seemed to be appreciated by the audience: at any rate, they all joined in with the chorus of ‘When the Rain Falls’.  The main act was Panya Banjoko:

who was great; I had a good chat with her about getting gigs and so on and she told me she’d been doing this for 20 years and hadn’t been published during the first five, so that put my problems into perspective.

And I didn’t sabotage it in any way as I had feared I might (hence the pun in today’s title).

I’m going to finish with a link to one of my follower’s blogs.  I really appreciate people following lizardyoga’s weblog and would like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to everyone who takes the trouble to follow me, not least because I then come into contact with blogs I wouldn’t otherwise have seen.  Today’s blog is about the poet and author Kahlil Gibran, whose poetry was read out at our wedding and at our children’s naming ceremonies:

Kirk out



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