Be Mild in May

Just look at the time!  It’s 11.40 already and I’ve done no work at all.  First I had to go to the doctor’s and discuss my cholesterol (just forget about it, no problem) and the unfeasibly complicated ‘Choose and Book’ system for hospital appointments; then I had to publicise Left Unity’s launch on Facebook (here’s the flyer, please come along)

then I had to draft a press release about said event; then I had to email a short story to someone (does that count as work?) and answer a number of other emails, then I had to reply to some comments on here and look at other people’s blogs who are following mine (that counts as work, surely?) and THEN I needed to do a Sainsbury’s order and now, finally, I can do my blog post.  I blame Chris Conway.  The man is just too damned entertaining.  He kept us up till the crack of ten thirty last night; way past my bed time.

I was gratified to see that at long last some mild was available at a pub I happened to be in, at a time when I happened to be there.  I had three halves of a very pleasant Nottingham Rock Mild

and not only that, but this month is Mild Month.  Yes, folks – take a walk on the mild side, for Leicester Camra is hosting a Mild in May trail!  I have always regretted that mild is considered an old man’s drink as it is delicious and not too strong (in general).

So any time you feel like buying me a pint, let me know.

Kirk out