Happy Anniversary and Here’s Your Chance to Guest-Blog!

There was a funny little logo in the corner of my screen this morning, a bit like an anvil.  I’m particularly bad at identifying icons and diagrams, they all look like squiggles to me, so I clicked on it in a ferment of anticipation.  What could it be?  Had someone sent me a virtual present?  Was it a strange and possibly alien follower who had joined?

Not a bit of it.  The icon represented my six-year anniversary on this blog!  So happy anniversary to all my readers and a special shout-out to those who have been with me since the beginning.

I started – apparently – on May 16th 2008, at the instigation of Hanif Kureishi.  I was at a writing seminar with him at Leicester Library and I asked him what advice he would give to aspiring writers.  ‘Start a blog,’ he said.  Never one to hang around, I started the very next day.  At first I didn’t blog every day, but soon I made it a daily discipline, reasoning that if I wrote nothing else, at least I’d have published a couple of hundred words online.  Published: that word never loses its aura – I’ll never forget the first time I finished a post and clicked on the magic word.



I didn’t get many readers at first.  Not surprising; but after a while I discovered how to link the blog to Facebook, and we were off.  Now I have getting on for a couple of hundred followers and I get lots of likes.  If people follow me I always take a look at their blog and will sometimes reblog some of their posts.  I have lots of poets, some philosophers and some who just talk whimsically about their daily lives.  It’s all interesting – and now here’s your chance to get your poetry or thoughts out to a wider audience.

Because, to celebrate the six-year anniversary of Lizardyoga’s weblog, I am offering a guest slot to followers.  If you would like to appear on this blog and do a guest spot, just comment below.  You can show off your poetry or pick a topic and theorise on it; you can talk about your favourite (or least favourite) TV programmes or rant about politics or whatever you like.

So drop me a line.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Kirk out