There’s a War On

Here’s the poem I did on radio Leicester: – about 1 hr 40 mins in.

It has had an outing at a number of local groups and is available for performances to political groups, poetry groups and arts groups.

There’s a War On

(for all those suffering from the Bedroom Tax)


There’s a war on, they say

we must all make sacrifices

tighten our belts

there’s not enough money to go round

so we must

tighten the public purse-strings

because there’s a war on.

I thought that was all over and done.


We are all in this war together, they say

we are all fighting this war

but I am on the losing side

morale has plummeted

the troops are ill-equipped

rations are low.

The Captain says,

he says it won’t last long.

But we don’t see him here on the front line

not here.


And now we must all be evacuated

we must move

we’ve got too much space, they say

too much living-room

an extra bedroom.

We must evacuate



This is our home, we’ve lived here for years

but there’s a war on, now.


And so they come with their long knives

and they slice up our benefits

and we don’t know what to do

we used to manage

but we can’t, now.

We have to move

we have to cut back

we have to

put that light out

put that light out

– put that light out!

Don’t you know there’s a war on?

Kirk out