Is it Raining? It must be… Bank Holiday!

Take our simple test: look out of the window.  Is it raining?  I mean really raining?  Then it must be a Bank Holiday weekend.  I expect you had some gardening planned, or a picnic; or maybe a walk in the park or a trip out to the Peaks.  I’m sure you were going to make the most of the time and get out; not sit around and watch DVD’s.  I’ll bet you had a list of jobs to do that needed a modicum of dryness – like cleaning the windows or clearing out the guttering or decorating the fascia of some inaccessible part of your house.  Didn’t you?

My plans were quite modest.  They involved little bits of gardening: there’s a planter that needs planting with – er, plants; and there are some weeds demanding to be pulled up or sprayed with the stuff I bought the other day under the impression it was totally organic but it isn’t.  (Greenwash, they call it; you google ‘organic weedkillers’ and assume that what comes up is going to be organic.  Hm.  Caveat emptor, I guess.)  Apart from that I expect I was going to sit in the garden for a bit and admire the plants I’d put in the planter; or get out and pick some elderflowers for my next batch of wine.  Of course I could still be bloody-minded and go ahead and do these things – but it won’t be much fun getting soaked while I do it.  The other day I went out to vote and on the way back I got so wet that I stopped off at a friend’s house to steam in her kitchen and drink something hot and wet.

Said friend returned the visit yesterday when I rashly put on Facebook that I had made some brownies; within moments my entire on-line acquaintance within a five-mile radius was threatening to come round and help me eat them.  (I may be exaggerating slightly.)  Actually it was good fun to have a spontaneous meeting of a couple of friends; we discussed people we knew and what was going on at the Sunday Assembly.

So whatever you’re doing this weekend, you have a choice of doing it and getting wet, or not doing it.

But you knew that.  Have fun…

Kirk out