What Did You Say?

I’m feeling like cotton wool here: it’s extraordinary how much being deaf affects your outlook on life.  I can only feel truly sorry for people who are stuck with it all the time.  It’s a huge effort to part lip-read, part strain my ears to hear what people are saying, but it’s not only that.  It affects the way you feel in other ways too.  I have a ‘bunged-up’ sensation which is quite unpleasant, and a sense of unreality as though I’m walking through fog.  It’s also very tiring, partly because I’m not sleeping very well and partly, I think, because the condition itself saps your energy.

I’ve put my problem on facebook, which is a bit of a mixed blessing.  You get all sorts of useful advice, but then it’s like asking economists about a financial problem.  You know the saying: ‘ask three different economists a question and you get four different answers.’ Ironically, since the problem is having what is basically a candleful of wax in each ear, one of the solutions is to use hopi ear candles.  I tried it this morning and it did seem to help a bit but I’m still basically deaf.  There’s a fairly critical article on wikipedia below: Mark (the fount of all wisdom) reckons they’re useful for moxibustion but not for earwax.


Anyway, I shall try it once more and will let you know.  Incidentally, there is no connection with the Hopi tribe.

I shall give Pinggk a go this evening and shout out my poems, but I may leave early.

See you there if you’re going.

Kirk out


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