Every Cloud Has a Wax Lining…

If I wanted to be really corny here, I would point out that an anagram of ‘cloud’ is ‘could’.  Oh!  That reminds me, this morning Mark showed me a site with anagrams of MP’s names on.  Some of them are hilarious and a few are pure genius: everyone knows that ‘Tony Blair’ comes out as ‘I’m Tory Plan B’ and Virginia Bottomley translates as ‘I’m an evil Tory bigot’.  Alas, I can’t find the list and Mark isn’t here but when he comes back I’ll try to get the site from him.

Today I have been mostly catching up with the work I didn’t do yesterday (because I wasn’t feeling well) and Monday (because it was a Bank Holiday).  I know, I could work weekends and Bank Holidays but at the moment it’s going fairly well for me if I stick to office hours and hence, office days.  So I’ve done 2,400 words of my memoir and if I do the same again tomorrow that will more than make up for the two lost days.  I’m also trying to get my novel into some sort of shape so I can send off 10,ooo words at the end of July.

Holly has just rung in a state of excitement to tell me they have booked a week in Benidorm.  It wouldn’t be my choice – half-board at a hotel with its own beach – but I’m sure she’ll have a great time and I’m equally sure she’ll avoid the traditional British pitfalls of too much sun and too much alcohol.

So that’s all good.  Oh! that also reminds me that last night I watched a special edition of ‘Goodness Gracious Me’.  I used to love this programme and if anything it’s got better with age: the sketch with the two Asian blokes trying to join UKIP is pure genius:


There has been a rash of programmes commemorating 50 years of BBC 2 and most of them have been very good.  I enjoyed the recent one about comedy, though I could have done without every comedian telling us what a genius every other comedian was – it got a bit like the Oscars at one point.  The thing I didn’t like was Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse’s piss-take of the previous programme: taking the rise out of programmes most of which are themselves taking the piss seems like a step too far.



But to come to the point of this post: I have often observed that when you have a problem which does not resolve itself no matter what you do, there is usually a point to it.  There is something to be observed, or learned, or a goal to be reached: and until you get there, the problem does not go away.  Hence my blocked ears, which have resisted every kind of oil known to humankind and which I have not managed to get syringed.  So you ask yourself, what is the point here?  And then you realise…

More on this in a day or two…

Kirk out