Is This Where We Came In?

I was getting together today’s blog post, and then a little flag went up in my mind which said: ‘haven’t we been here before?  Haven’t you blogged on this subject before?’  And I had – the subject of foul-weather friends, which was occupying what I am pleased to call my mind over my egg and soldiers this morning, was one on which I blogged about eighteen months ago.  But it’s come up again, and I’m sure some of you weren’t around in January 2013, so there’s no harm in covering the same ground.

So: foul-weather friends.  We hear a lot about fair-weather friends; people who are around only as long as you’re famous or rich or successful or happily married, and who disappear the minute the solids start to hit the ventilator.  We’ve all known them, we’ve all had them.  But what about foul-weather friends?  This is no less real a phenomenon and yet it is not nearly as widely known: the friend who is constantly by your side during trouble; who seems to be (and is) a really good friend, supportive, caring, understanding and tolerant.  You can’t wait for the tide to turn so that you can share the good things with this friend, but when things finally turn around they are nowhere to be seen.  I had a friend like that; she was there for me 100% during the bad times, but when I finally had some good luck she sort of faded away, and now I hardly ever see her.

Foul-weather friends.

These patterns seem to repeat in life, just like they do on this blog; just like they used to at the cinema in the days when you could go in at any point and keep watching the film on a loop until you’d seen it all, at which point you would turn to each other and say ‘Is this where we came in?’

Is it?

Another thing that goes round and round is a record on a turntable – and joy! for today my birthday present is arriving – a record player!  Yes, Mark asked me what I wanted and I said what I wanted, what I really really wanted (apart from never hearing the Spice Girls again in my life) was something to play my records on.  And it’s coming today!!!!


I wonder if Chris Conway has ever thought of recording on vinyl?  To me there’s something about a vinyl disc that CDs cannot replicate, much less downloads.  it’s immediate; you can see the tracks and the recording; you feel a connection with the artist that a little silver disc inside a machine just doesn’t give you.  CDs just don’t cut it.

Well, Chris?  Have you ever thought about recording on vinyl?  Oh, unfortunately he’s got headphones on at the moment and can’t hear me.  I’ll have to get back to you on that one…

Kirk out