Here’s My Latest Publication…

Yes, I have gone and got something published again!  Yay!  This time it’s a short story about the summer of the Olympics.  Do you remember that news story about workers bussed into London and then left under a bridge because no-one knew what to do with them?

This is about that.  It’s also about debt and greed and art; it’s called ‘Olympic Summer’ and you can read it here:

I can tell you it feels really good to see my name up there.  Most of the comments are very positive too, so please visit and add your own.  Thanks!

This brings the total of my publications up to six.

I feel I should celebrate somehow.  Maybe by drinking six pints?  Hmm.  Last night we went to Occupy Leicester Cabaret where I did some poems and we had a drink or two.  This morning Mark said he felt a bit rough.  ‘You only had a pint,’ I said.  ‘A pint?’ he quipped, ‘that’s very nearly an armful!’

And so it is… after all, they used to say it’s what your right arm’s for…

Off to Tomatoes now

Kirk out




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