Another Day, Another Story

Yep, I’ve gone and written another story.  Sometimes I just get stuck in and dash one off; and today when my new copy of Mslexia magazine came through the door and I scanned it for ideas, I came across an article about writing for women’s magazines.  Of course Woman’s Own et al are not the only type of publication for women, but they do pay quite well and you don’t need to agonise over every word and phrase as I seem to do with my literary fiction.  Not that they are exactly ‘easy’ to write for; you need to capture the tone and voice and tell a story in an ‘easy to read’ fashion without being facile.  But I’ve found the ideal topic: Mark’s madness – or Mandyness, if you prefer, told from my point of view.  It was actually very therapeutic to turn it all into fiction and by the time I’d finished I felt as if I’d got a load off my chest.

Mslexia is a whole compendium of writing for women, as well as being a publisher in itself, as a large proportion of it is written by readers.

And that was today.

Kirk out