Slightly Smaller Balls

Note to self: don’t eat lentils. Half an hour after eating a lentil and potato curry, I have blown up like a barrage balloon. Every time I make potato curry, Mark and I have the same conversation. ‘But what about protein?’ he wails. And I reply, just as I always do, ‘I’ll put some pulses in’. This week we had run out of kidney beans, so he suggested lentils.  Mistake!

Still, he has a sense of smell and I don’t, so there’s karma for you.

I watched the women’s tennis final today.  Can someone please explain to me why women can run marathons but still can’t play five sets in tennis?  Also, why they had two male commentators and only one woman?  Are they going to have women commentating on the men’s final?

Are they buggery.

I think we should be told.

Good news about the Tour de France departing from Yorkshire, though the attempts of Yorkshire folk to say ‘le grand depart’ gives me convulsions

A toute a l’heure!

Kirk out



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4 responses to “Slightly Smaller Balls

  1. shame about the shambles at the end of Le Tour and our boy Cavendish ! And I agree, its sexist to ask women to only play 3 sets. Dont know why they stand for it……………oh, yes, lots of money for less work, simples !!!

    • lizardyoga

      Yes, less work – but the prize money is less.  I will send you that story this week – nag me if I forget.  Just done some poetry at a Sci-Fi event


  2. Potatoes are quite high in protein, so you probably don’t need beans, lentils or peas in a potato curry. Especially if you eat it with rice or couscous.

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