I am Now Serene

Science Fiction was all around today as I attended a ‘Serenity’ event to raise money for Women’s Aid.


I had only the vaguest idea of what the Serenity bit was all about, as I have never seen Firefly or Serenity (both by Joss Wheedon) and besides, I arrived after the film had started, failed to find a seat, bumped into several people, had a hissed conversation with Mark and then left to sit in Town Hall square and gather my thought, ready for my poetry slot.  Town Hall Square was a nice mix of relaxed people and drunks.  Although I guess the drunks were relaxed as well.


There were six or seven poets after the film had finished and Chris Conway arrived before his gig slot to hear us, which was nice.  I did three poems, ‘Doctor’, ‘A Martian Sends an Email Home’, and ‘To the Looking Glass.’  The first two are obviously sci-fi and the third is about women, so I thought it fitted in nicely.  Mark also did a couple of poems and the whole event was admirably organised by Tabby and Dave Wood.

Alas, I didn’t stay to hear Chris Conway’s set: Daniel has a perforated eardrum, so I came home after that just in case he was feeling ill again.  He’s a bit better today, but he will have to see the doctor tomorrow.  Chris was very forgiving, especially as we’ve been to three of his gigs in the last month…

Lots of people were dressed in weird costumes which related to the film; one woman even wore a pink dress with a crinoline; and there was a plethora of orange-and-green woolly hats.  I, however, wore only trousers and t-shirt as I ascended the stage to perform my stuff.  It went down well, though it’s always harder in environments where people are not used to poetry; however several people were complimentary afterwards and I left behind some booklets to be sold for Women’s Aid.

And that was today.  I notice Djokovic has won Wimbledon, which is a bit of a surprise.  A good year for the East Europeans then…

Kirk out