I am Lonely, Apparently

Well!  It’s been a busy day here in blogland: Daniel is not at all well and has had to go to the doctor’s and get some antibiotics.  This is a thing we hardly ever do here, preferring to treat things herbally wherever possible, but antibiotics have their place and a perforated eardrum is definitely the right place.  He is not doing very well and this is not helped by his refusal to go to bed in the daytime.


As well as that I’ve been dashing off a short story about a woman whose mother has dementia; this will go to the People’s Friend very shortly.  I’ve decided to try writing for mainstream magazines again; I’m tired of giving a story my all for litmags and being paid a pittance.  Though I did get some unexpected pay in the post for a recent poetry performance, so that was good.

Apparently the Serenity event yesterday raised over £700, which is excellent.  Oh, and my post from a couple of days ago is listed as one of the top five on Lonely Blogs:


That’s the site, though I can’t find any reference to the top five, so they may just be flattering me.  Ah well..

Kirk out