A Hard Day’s Morning

My People’s Friend story has gone off today.  Now, tell me what you would have done in this situation: I was in the Post Office and I picked out a couple of envelopes.  I needed to address them and so I put the envelopes plus story on the scales and asked for two second-class stamps.  Having paid for those, I went to one side and started writing: but only then did I realise that I hadn’t actually paid for the envelopes.  I felt somewhat guilty and went back and told them: however they were really busy and I think they’d have rather not bothered with the 70p I subsequently gave them.

Did I do the right thing or not?

Answers on a postcard (paid for) please…

Last night we sat down and watched ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.  I hadn’t seen it since the ‘sixties, so it was fun to watch it again and see how natural and unassuming the Beatles were back then.  A lot of it didn’t look scripted at all; they were very funny and the whole thing was a somewhat formless romp with lots of songs thrown in.  Great fun.  That – apart from the brilliance of the music – was their most appealing feature; their ‘down-to-earthiness’ and refusal to take themselves too seriously.

Until Yoko came along, that is…

So this afternoon I have been mostly… writing notes for my Alan Bennett review.

Kirk out