Good Trip?

We had a bit of a drama here today: first the electricity went off, and then after we’d put the tripped fuse back, the water went off.  We couldn’t figure it out: all our neighbours had water, there was no work being done in the street, and it seemed inevitably that it had something to do with the fuse being tripped.  But how could a tripped fuse cut the water off?

We tried and failed to find a stopcock and eventually I phoned Severn Trent.  They couldn’t figure it either, but an engineer phoned me back and said I should look for a blue switch somewhere in the garage or under the sink.  I did: there wasn’t one.  So we proceeded to the neighbours’ houses and filled jugs and bowls with some of their still-flowing H2O.

It’s quite astonishingly inconvenient not to have running water.  What do you do about flushing the loo or washing your hands, not to mention actually drinking?  It makes you appreciate the problems of people without a water supply, and I reflected on this as I hastened down to Queen’s Road to purchase some large bottles of mineral water and a small bottle of hand sanitiser.  I returned to run another fruitless search of the garage and the house.  Eventually while trying to figure out how to programme the oven again, I found a blue switch in the cupboard next to it.  Could this be it?  I flipped it: it was.

The engineer, when he came, was quite unbothered about having a wasted trip*, and explained that the sink had probably originally been near where the cooker was now.  These ‘sure start’ switches are apparently a safety feature and are common in houses with old people.
So that was satisfactorily explained, and I came away (or rather, stayed here) feeling that I’d learned something.  Unfortunately we still can’t figure out how to programme the oven because the manual shows a row of nice buttons which are entirely missing on our cooker, and so it cannot be switched on.
In other news, Holly is back from Benidorm looking tanned and relaxed.

Kirk out

*no pun intended.  I promise.

PS  Oh, and I must mention Lorraine Pointon who was the first – nay, only – person to comment that the phrase ‘always winter and never Christmas’ comes from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Well done Lorraine.  The rest of you, where were you?

Don’t say Benidorm!