Sometimes I wish this blog was like Facebook: that I could interact more directly with readers; that they could comment more easily and we could have a chat without the endless posting and clicking of buttons and signing in and having wordpress insist that I am Mark etc.  Whereas what usually happens is that I catch up with comments the day after I post, and then having made it through the incomprehensibly tortuous screening process needed in order to comment on my own blog!!! I respond to the comment, we’ve all forgotten what the post was about in the first place.

Of course, people do comment on Facebook, but then you can’t see the comments unless you’re a friend of mine on there.

I hope my latest follower comments from time to time: Sandy Ludinski is a caravanner in Australia

and I have always longed to have a caravan.  Actually not a caravan as such: I’d really like a camper van (a VW one if possible) which you can just get into and drive and then climb in the back of and cook and then sleep.  Lovely.  I’ve decided since last summer’s fiasco in Derbyshire:

– that my camping days are over, but a camper van is very appealing.  Perhaps you can hire one for a few days?  Er – yes, you can, but it’s not cheap:

Anyone out there got a camper van they want to loan us for the weekend?

While we wait for offers to flood in, I will just note that the Synod has approved the appointment of women bishops.  Yay!

Kirk out