Racked on a Bed of Pain

I am sitting in Daniel’s room at his request, watching him while he sleeps.  The poor lad is not at all well, having had one course of antibiotics which failed to kill his ear infection. His tonsils are inflamed, his glands are up and he has a temperature. So back to the doctor’s we went yesterday, to be given another lot of stronger antibiotics.  And guess what?  This lot have aspartame in.
Now, I am no fan of these unnatural sweeteners, and I always avoid them but it never occurred to me that they would be in medicine!  And Daniel once had a bad reaction to the stuff, so we have steered clear of it ever since.  However I was not convinced that a reaction he had as a five-year-old would be repeated twelve years later, but once he found out about the aspartame he became agitated and there was no way I could get it down him.  So back to the doctor’s I went at the crack of eight o’clock, and I am now waiting for the doc to call me back.  In the meantime Daniel has bitten the bullet and taken the medicine, which was very brave of him as he was terrified of an adverse reaction.
I am going to use the time to go back to reading Proust. A toute a l’heure, mes petits!
Kirk out