What Day is it Again?

I’m all out of kilter.  I was up at five with Daniel who was going ‘Ow!  Ow!  Ow!’ at regular intervals because his neck was hurting.  I was quite chuffed because I managed to do some relaxation and visualisation with him as well as getting him to ‘breathe out the pain’ – he has always steadfastly refused to do yoga before.  He was able to relax for about an hour and I hoped he would go back to sleep but he was still awake when it was time for him to take his pain-killers, and after that I thought I might as well declare daytime and have a cup of tea.  With the result that I fell asleep over the Archers omnibus at around ten-thirty.

Our days are a hectic round of carefully timed feeding and giving of medicine: Daniel has to eat before taking antibiotics and also before having ibuprofen, so these have to be co-ordinated.  We therefore have to ask him what he would like to eat at least half an hour before the allotted time, so that it can go down a bit: strictly speaking he is supposed to eat two hours before taking the antibiotics, but when you consider that he needs four doses per day and that at some point he needs to sleep, it becomes impossible.  This is not to mention the number of times I’ve been up and down stairs fetching water, fruit, more water, ice, hot water bottles, ice, fruit and water: I fully expect to have lost half a stone by the time he gets better.

So once he went off to sleep fully medicated and pain-killed I consoled myself by watching ‘Withnail and I’.  Some films – most films, no matter how good they might be – can only be watched a certain number of times before you get tired of them: W & I, on the other hand, gets better the more you watch it.  It’s the sort of film you have to get into; though the acting is excellent (Richard E Grant and Paul McGann as out of work actors and Richard Griffiths, hilarious as an effete homosexual uncle) it’s not immediately a film that grabs you.  The plot is loose and not much happens, but it has a charm and the kind of humour that gets funnier with time.


Lines like ‘we’ve come on holiday by mistake’ have become legendary, as has the huge joint known as the Camberwell Carrot.  So if you haven’t seen it, do so immediately.

Oh, and check out this lovely photo of Mark and me, exhausted after caring for our son:

Kirk out




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