Ouf! Que Estoy Cansada!

I was thinking about doing today’s post in Spanish.  What do you think?  No?  Oh all right then.  English it is…

OK it’s time to admit it: I would make a terrible carer.  I just don’t have the patience.  My whole day is being sucked up by schedules for taking medicine, painkillers, food, drink and toilet visits, not to mention the endless small requirements my son has for water, more water, ice, fruit, water, fizzy water and ibuprofen.  I have been up and down the stairs about fifty times today and I am now exhausted.  The son is getting better, bless him, but he is not the best of patients.  We know he’s getting better, ironically, the worse he is at being a patient: the more demanding and exacting he becomes, the more we realise he’s recovering.  So: today, for example, he wanted a peanut butter and apple sandwich on white bread without margarine and a slice of toast with butter (but not too much butter) and a glass of water, but not just any old water; still mineral water from the fridge, not fizzy mineral water even though we have plenty of fizzy mineral water because Mark went out to buy fizzy mineral water… oh, you get the picture!  I feel bad moaning about him because he can’t help being ill but it’s not so much the illness as the obsessions.  But being obsessed is a good sign because when he was really ill he just lay there and moaned.  It was horrid, especially at three a m.

I haven’t been getting much work done; I have, however, written a poem about a spider.  I was quite proud of this as I completed it (insofar as it is complete, that is to say it is a first draft) in one day, having started it at six a m.  I went to bed at the ridiculously early time of half-past eight last night; in spite of watching an interesting film about the Indian Hill-station railway, I couldn’t keep my eyes open; with the result that I woke up at five this morning: for a while I couldn’t remember anything about my life, something which used to happen a lot but hasn’t for a while.

I have also revised the first few chapters of my memoir, which needs to be ready (or at least the first 10,000 words do) in September.

Not bad going really, considering the circs!

Hasta luego!

Kirk out