Thursday’s Child has Far to Go

Every now and then I get a terrifying glimpse into the mind of Mark.  This morning he said, ‘you know how people always say you don’t use algebra once you’ve left school?’

I grunted.

‘Well,’ he went on, sounding increasingly like Professor Branestawm, ‘this morning Daniel wanted to know how much erythromycin suspension he had left, so I measured the bottle diameter and the height of the liquid and using πr^2h I worked out he had one dose left. This seems perfectly normal to me, and an example of everyday use of algebra.’

I was speechless.  He really did think this is everyday, normal speech and that anyone could understand what he was on about.  Terrifying!

It’s his birthday next week and Holly is going to take us all to Mirch Marsala for a meal, always supposing that Daniel is actually better by then.

I am reading lots of Nicci French at the moment.  ‘She’ is a crime writer – or rather a pair of them, Nicci Gerard and somebody French, her husband.  They are a very successful writing duo and I really like their stuff.  Right now I have just finished ‘Thursday’s Children’, which is part of a series featuring psychologist Frieda Stark, each one named after a day of the week.  I’m not sure if they will finish with Friday or go on through the weekend, but I can’t wait for the next one.,,9780141964041,00.html

I’m still wrestling with the memoir, and haven’t written any poetry today.

Kirk out


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