We’re All Living In A Yellow Skin

It seems to be a week for parodying song titles: I promise I didn’t plan it that way.  Daniel is now quite noticeably yellow, both in the skin and the whites of his eyes.  He was due to return to the doctor’s today anyway, so he got up and hobbled over between us.  The doctor was good; he was very thorough and did a proper examination, asking lots of questions.  He decided that Daniel needs a blood test to find out why he is jaundiced, so back he will have to go tomorrow morning at 9.  The poor lad has been ill for about three weeks now.

The original infection in his ear seems to be clearing up now, though his other ear is blocked with wax and he is almost as deaf as I was a few weeks ago.  Today was the first time he got up and dressed in a couple of weeks, and the first time he had a shower in about a week.  I hope it’s nothing serious; the doc mentioned glandular fever, which would account for the weakness and sore neck I guess.

So send up a prayer if you are praying types or a positive thought if you are not.

Kirk out