Oh dear oh dear oh dear

It may be a while before I can speak to you again.  As I write we are waiting for the ambulance to take Daniel to hospital.  We experienced that unheard-of phenomenon, a home visit by the GP, after his blood tests showed that he still has an infection plus side-effects from the antibiotics.  The worst of both worlds, you might say.  He is quite severely jaundiced and has had nasty diarrhoea for the last twelve hours.  It has not been pleasant and I am now exhausted, having been woken twice in the night.  The poor lad is really quite unwell; though not so out of it that he couldn’t specify which games he wanted me to pack and ask whether the hospital has wi-fi.  I have packed a bag for him and one for me which includes fruit, dried fruit, water and of course doughnuts for blood sugar.

Think of us and if you are the praying types, please pray.

Kirk out