Lawn Happy, Pizza Unhappy, Neighbours Balanced

I solved one problem today by going next door and asking the nice Polish neighbour if they had a lawn-mower I could borrow.  They had, and I could.  It was a diesel one: by a miracle Mark and I managed to get it going and the lawn is now closely shaved (I set the controls to ‘a close shave’ just like Gromit did).  The woman next door is very pleasant and has a lovely four-month-old girl: she and her hubby came round for tea in May when her daughter was only three days old!  So after that I worked on the memoir a bit before discovering that I only need to send five thousand and not ten thousand words.  You’d think that’d be good news but it’s thrown me a bit as I had a ten-k word section all ready to go.  Still, the early chapters are the ones I’m most happy with, so it’s probably all for the best.

After lunch I lay down for a nap and two hours later I woke up to the sound of dogs barking: next door on the other side seem to have acquired two dogs and to have an extreme reluctance to let them in the house, so that they bark constantly.  It’s driving me nuts and I went round to ask if they could keep them quiet but no-one was there.  Daniel and I walked down to the shop and then I extracted a pizza base from the freezer only to discover that it was a ready-made pizza.  I put it in the oven and succeeded in burning the base; Daniel then discovered that the sauce was sweet and sour so basically the whole thing was a disaster.

Mark is now in Loughborough seeing Bettina so there’s only you and me here.  So, how have you been?

Kirk out