First of the Month? Cuts no Ice with Me

Keep taking the tablet

I’ve had a bit of a month of it, as regards breaking things.  First I broke my mobile.  I’ve dropped it loads of times and it just springs apart, scattering its components (back, battery, front) over a wide area.  It’s never suffered any damage at all: but the other day I dropped it again and instead of scattering itself it decided to break.  The screen went a bilious shade of green with stripes all over and it refused to respond to my frantic jabbing of buttons.  And yes, of course I turned it off and on again and even took the battery out.  Nothing.  So that was that, and it was very annoying because it’s a solid, basic sort of phone which would have lasted a few more years.  Thankfully a friend stepped up and donated his, as he wasn’t using it much.

Then yesterday (and I’d only had one glass of wine, honest) I dropped the digitising tablet.  This is a sort of mini-laptop and very useful; it is also similarly resistant to being dropped.  And yet when I dropped it yesterday it developed a green line which was distressingly like the one on my mobile.  Hm.  Yet all was not lost: it appeared broken but today it has recovered.

Yesterday Holly did the ice-bucket challenge.  I’ve got mixed feelings about this really and yet the carping does seem a little unfair.  After all, it’s raising lots of money for a good cause.  On the other hand, seriously thumbs-down to the organisation for trying to copyright the idea, especially when it wasn’t theirs in the first place.   Plus, people say that it’s taking money away from other charities but you could say that about any successful campaign.  Others say it’s wasting water, and yet in the scheme of things it’s not a huge amount of water – and anyway, people could always stand on a lawn or in a flower-bed.  Or in a pond…

I prefer Water Aid really.  Singing and poeting – much better.

In other news, I can’t help thinking that an international man-hunt is a bit of an over-reaction to a couple taking their child out of the country for medical treatment.  Don’t you think?

First of the month today, and Daniel is back at college.  Seems weird Holly not going…

Kirk out


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