Hacked Off? Give Fraudsters the Finger

Sometimes I get a glimpse into the mind of Mark, and it is utterly chilling.  There was an item on the news about an idea to replace bank passwords and pin numbers by technology which would scan the unique pattern of veins in your palm.  ‘Great,’ says Mark.  ‘So now instead of taking your password, they’ll just chop off your finger!’

I don’t think he was listening properly otherwise he’d have realised they’d have to chop off your whole hand – however I humoured him and pointed out that it was a big step to go from hacking into an account to hacking off a finger.

‘It’s just a procedure,’ he said.

Just a procedure?  Yeah, right!  Like I say, chilling…


Mind you, it fits with Mark’s other mental tendencies.  In the world of Mark being late is being late.  If you’re not on time or early, then you’re late – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a minute or an hour; it’s still late, and that’s BAD.  So I guess he’s just applying the same principle to the whole hacking into/hacking off debate.


Kirk out


2 thoughts on “Hacked Off? Give Fraudsters the Finger

    1. Yes, OK, that is literally true, but the point is that Mark regards them as equally serious! He gets panicky about being a minute late as he does about being an hour late, and that makes no sense!

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