Your Children Are Not Your Children…

You might recognise today’s title as a quotation from Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’.  We had this read out at the naming ceremony of at least one of our offspring; and it’s a reminder that you do not own your children and cannot ultimately direct their destiny:

This seems particularly apt in a week where one of our children is leaving home forever.  Next Saturday we will take Holly up to Bolton to begin her degree in English and Creative Writing; she seems much happier about it now.  University is a whole different ball-game nowadays: she has already talked to fellow-students on-line; she knows who she will be sharing accommodation with and what the place looks like; and she has already booked tickets for events in Freshers’ Week.  I’m excited for her: I really hope it goes well.

Our other offshoot, Daniel, is making great progress.  With one bound he seems to have shaken off his illness – he has been back at college a week now and started his new job on Saturday, serving drinks at the Tigers’ Rugby Ground. He seemed to get on all right, though Holly reckoned he had the worst boss of all.  Still, it’s great that he’ll be earning money now.

My son, though I say it myself, is proving to be a very witty lad.  This is no surprise; he made jokes right from when he was little, but nowadays they have a clever, ironic twist.  Yesterday he came up with the phrase ‘passive progressive’ and today he said something even wittier but I can’t remember what it was.  Anyway I’d better stop now otherwise I’ll sound like one of those mothers who’s always banging on about how brilliant and undervalued her children are…

Yesterday was busy, what with the Quaker Meeting in the morning and the CND Garden Party in the afternoon.  This was very pleasant; great weather, good music, good company (I realised that I have known many of the people since I first came to Leicester in 1987!) and we came home with several great books, some apples and a kettle!  Not to mention raising money for CND.


Kirk out



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