Today’s The Day…

I had a great post ready yesterday; I had loads of ideas on sitcoms and had even done a bit of research!  I wasn’t quite ready to post, so I clicked on ‘save draft’ – and apparently what those words mean to WordPress are: ‘please delete all my carefully-prepared content’.  To be fair it did ask me ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ and like an idiot instead of checking what it thought I wanted, I just clicked on ‘Yes of course I do, you stupid machine!’ (we’ve all got one of those buttons, right?) – and it went.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  Oh wait – let me look.  Some of it might still be in the trash.

AHA!  Well, Ms Gilchrist, can you tell me where that quote comes from?  Some of it may still be in the trash?

Can ya?

OK so, moving on.. today I’m feeling quite emotional.  I didn’t expect it to affect me – after all, she’s twenty years old and has spent the last few months going back and forth between here and her boyfriend’s house, so you’d think I’d be used to the idea by now – but today is the day that my first-born child leaves home; and probably for good, although she’ll be back in the holidays.  That’s a big thing.  Although in theory she could come back here to live, I can’t see it happening.  I think This is It.

Where did those twenty years go?  Actually you can read about where they went in great detail if you wish, because my memoir is nearly finished!  Yes, I’m on schedule with the revisions and all I have to go now is tighten up the style and check the whole thing for errors.  That’ll take me up to the beginning of October, when I shall park it and wait to hear from the publishers.

I’ll keep you posted.  Off now to pick up the hired car.

Kirk out


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  1. its a wrench, yes, but see it as a new beginning, and you still have the second born, and dont forget “thingy”, lol, My eldest went to uni and never returned until he had a breakdown, and now he’s gone again, the youngest has gone but the middle boy is back again. They never quite leave completely. And by the way, you now have a spare room !!! always look on the bright side ! hahahah

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