Is It Monday Already?

I begin to understand how weekends are for many people: it went by in a total blur.  First there was of course The Trip; taking Holly to Bolton.  We had a great journey there, despite an emotional farewell to brother and boyfriend; and when we arrived the place was unsurprisingly heaving with parents carrying boxes.  Holly found her room, scoped out the kitchen and talked to her neighbour: everyone seemed friendly and after we helped her settle in we took her to Sainsbury’s to stock up on food.  Then we left her to it.  It felt very strange: I was the only one who didn’t cry when we left her, but I will admit to a lump in the throat as we negotiated the weird mix of old, new and derelict buildings that is Bolton.  It was odd for me going back there because I used to live nearby about thirty years ago, so that there were bits I recognised and bits that were totally alien.  One thing Bolton hasn’t done that Leicester has done brilliantly, is to convert its old industrial warehouses into living-spaces.  That has revolutionised the West End and other parts too.

But I digress.  On the way back we missed the turn-off and ended up discovering exactly why there is a toll-road past Birmingham – it cuts out mile after mile of tedious motorway.  I knew this but had forgotten – and in an endless quest for the M69 we went on and on until we had almost given up hope when we came upon it.

Then on Sunday we went to church and then whizzed back and forth bringing a few neglected bits from the old house before dropping off the keys; after which we headed up to Bradgate Park.  It was lovely up there: so peaceful looking down on the city.  It was like being one of the gods looking down on humanity.  In the evening I took advantage of it to go to Yessim’s and then this morning we went to pick up a lawnmower before filling the car up (gulp!) and dropping it off.

And that was the weekend.  How was yours?  Ms Gilchrist, I still haven’t had an answer to the ‘some of it may still be in the trash’ question.  I’ll give you a clue: ‘someone ate the only good thing going on in my life!’

Kirk out


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