Let Your Yea be Aye

It’s all getting a bit dramatic, isn’t it?  People are raging and storming, they are crying and shouting, threatening and cajoling.  So what’s it to be?  Will it be Aye?  Will it be Nay?  Will Scotland be a nation once again or will they stay together for better or worse?  David Cameron seems to have had a heart transplant, or possibly a lobotomy, as he is now sounding like an emotional teenager; and other English leaders aren’t much better.  It’s not very impressive to hare up North the moment your power-base is threatened, if you have ignored Scotland’s existence in the past.

Still, for one standing on the sidelines as I am, it’s an interesting situation; and the most interesting part of it, is the way the vote has turned, thanks seemingly to a previously silent slice of the electorate.  98% of the eligible population has now registered to vote, and that includes a substantial wodge of people who have never voted in a previous election.

Broadly speaking, I am sympathetic to Independence.  Scotland has a long history as a separate country: until a few hundred years ago it had its own parliament and laws and waged war on its own account.  It has its own language and culture and is well able to maintain an independent existence.  Moreover, under the current system it gets a raw deal: being so far from London, it is generally forgotten by MP’s except when they want a handy faraway place to locate some nuclear missiles.  So if I were there now I would vote yes.

Most of the ‘no’ arguments seem to be financial.  There has been some general muttering about how the two countries would be better off as one; but in the main, opposition has centred on the pound (ye cannae have it) and on the threats by certain institutions, such as Standard Life, to leave if there’s a Yes vote.  I think such behaviour is unconscionable: it is fine for individuals to express opinions but for large financial institutions to seek to influence the outcome of an election, looks like bullying.  I don’t like it.  Besides, nobody really knows how things will be after independence, either politically or financially, so they should wait and see – or else keep their own counsel.

So – in three days it will all be over and we will know the outcome.  Which way would you vote?

Kirk out


3 thoughts on “Let Your Yea be Aye

  1. I would definetly vote yes. The labour party leaders had 13 years in power to give the Scots the powers that they are now desperate to grant. Why didn’t they give them any real independence? Because they were terrified of losing all those Scottish labour MPs. And thus shrink their powerbase in Westminster.

    As for Cameron’s stance. It appears ridiculous to an English mind to see him pleading. He has everything to gain from losing Scotland.60 less labour MPs and a dozen or so lib-dems. Jobs brought south. Shift the navy south.

    As for the financial threats to the Scots a separation would cause.

    What about the ability to SRT your own taxes. The ability to create cross border trade by manipulating vat on products. Lowering tobacco and alcohol duty. Destroy a black market and create a boom In trade for southern Scottish towns by enticing the English over to stock up
    and that is before you start attracting the over taxed Scandinavians over. The Freedom that Scotland could achieve tomorrow is a priceless opportunity to remove the dead hand of Westminster from interfering in their lives.

    I envy them their chance

    Vote yes for freedom

  2. I would vote ‘no’ because I like to be part of a larger community which acknowledges the differences between the folk who belong to it, even when they speak different languages: I like to think of myself as a European, as a member of the potential UCE (United Countries of Europe). Okay, Europe is in rather a mess at present but at least the European Union is a step in the right direction. Would Americans ever consider their states becoming independent countries? Being a Vulcan I’m hoping for UPS (United Planets of the Sun) but that’s a little way off.

    Spock out

  3. Im glad Im not voting. But some of the facts have been distorted. Westminster granted Scotland the power to raise their own taxes, but they chose not to. The NHS is a separate body in Scotland, run by Scotland, so all talk of losing it is wrong unless the Scottish government decide so. They already have so many diferent laws to the rest of us in the socalled UK (it cant be a United Kingdom if one part of it has diferent laws), they already have diferent education system. They receive a huge subsidy from the UK pot receiving so much more than they put in (cant recall the figures but it really is huge). It seems to me that they already have all they could ever want, whereas England has no devolved government so Scottish MP’s vote on English matters but the reverse is not permitted. They already have their cake and eat it, plus………………their men are encouraged to wear a skirt !!!
    They seem to think that the cure for all their ills is to leave Westminster, forgetting that it wont be any better as its all down to the money in the collective pot.
    so glad I dont get to vote.

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