A Tale of Two Countries

This might be about England and Scotland, but it’s not: it’s about Britain and America.  I’ve been reading Don de Lillo and I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s an utterly stonking writer.  But as I commented the other day, some of his prose is just indecipherable.  It doesn’t help that the first chapter is about baseball, a game of which I know nothing apart from the fact that it’s sort of like rounders with attitude: I used to like rounders at school as it was the one sport I was any good at.  I’m quite good at sprinting and rounders was just fun, not too competitive, so it suited me.

Anyway… here’s a sample of a sentence by Don de Lillo which I couldn’t penetrate.

‘When he was doing ghost games he liked to take the action into the stands, inventing a kid chasing a foul ball, a carrot-topped boy with a cowlick (shameless, ain’t I) who retrieves the ball and holds it aloft, stitching, a souvenir baseball, a priceless thing somehow, a thing that seems to recapitulate the whole history of the game every time it is thrown or hit or touched.’

I think I get this sentence now, but only because I’ve read it several times.  So it’s hard work reading this guy, but I think he’s gonna be worth it.

Soooo – it’s the vote today.  We’ve had a range of views on who would vote yes and who would vote no, and why.  Any more before the polls close?

It’s gonna be a near thing…

Kirk oot



One thought on “A Tale of Two Countries

  1. its all so emotive that I dont think any of them can think rationally. they already have tax raising powers that they choose not to use.. they already control NHS Scotland so if goes private its THEIR fault, they already have funny money that some shops in England wont accept, they already have free university places, they already have free prescriptions, they already have their own football association, they already have their own football leagues, so how can they have anything else? Of course, as a punter pointed out today, if they switch money they will immediately become poorer, as happened in the Irish republic when they adopted the Euro (the guy was Irish, so he must know) and he also pointed out that they cant vote no as that would make them the first nation ever to vote against its own existance !!! they have to vote yes,just to save face !!! Either way its going to be a mess with half the United Kingdom hating the other half, one half of the scots population hating the other half.. …..What a mess, just to make Samond look big. As for rounders, I hated it almost as much as I hated cricket at school.

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