Christ on a Bench

A story has been rumbling on for some weeks now, about a statue of Jesus sleeping on a bench.

Apparently St Martin’s in the Fields, which you would imagine would be its natural home, doesn’t want it.

This seems bizarrely appropriate, somehow, as well as being spectacularly bureaucratic.  The son of man has nowhere to lay his head?

My suggestion is to have it outside but make it a soft Jesus; one you could cuddle up to.  That way people could take a nap and be comforted by Jesus.

Modern interpretations of religious truths are always controversial, as Jesus himself knew.

If Jesus Christ returned today

no-one would recognise her

That’s my contribution to the debate…

Yesterday was busy: I ran a workshop as part of Everybody’s Reading Week.  It was called How to Read a Poem’, about fourteen people came and we had a good time stomping and clapping and chorusing and imagining and discussing.  From there I went straight into town for the launch of the People’s Arts Collective.  This also went very well, with spontaneous performances of poetry, song and speech on Market Street and then an umbrella-dance down Gallowtree Gate.  I missed the umbrella dance as I got separated from people; however by that time I’d had enough and went home to sleep on the sofa…

Kirk in

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