Moan the Lawn

I have never known anyone make so much fuss and do so little work, as Mark faced with the task of mowing the lawn.  I will admit that the new lawn-mower, being a freebie, doesn’t cut it like the old one did; but even so, it’s not that hard.  But he huffs and he puffs and he totally sucks at mowing the lawn!  He does a strip and can’t see where to line up the next one and he complains SO MUCH! that I eventually grab the mower from him and just do it myself.  Perhaps that was his strategy all along: if so, it’s working.

Still on the plus side he spent much of yesterday tidying, so that can’t be bad.

I had a good weekend, doing a very successful poetry workshop on Saturday called ‘How to Read a Poem’, which was followed by the launch of the People’s Arts Collective in town.  This was great, doing poetry and music in the streets; then on Sunday the Quaker Meeting where I broke my duck and spoke about the sculpture of Jesus on a bench (see previous post); then the children did a performance of The Gruffalo to raise money for Doctors without Borders.  I have now succumbed to a cold and spent much of the day sneezing and moaning, though STILL not as much as Mark moaned about the lawn…

I have now finished the memoir!  Leonard Cohen reckons that poems are not so much finished as abandoned, and I think he’s quite right.  There was a great interview with him on 6 Music (thanks Peter for the heads-up)

and I shall post a proper review of the album on here soon.

Now have to retire to the sofa to do some more moaning before I get in shape for my performance tomorrow.  Come along to the Crumblin Cookie at 8 pm for Women’s Words!

Kirk out

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