People I See Every Day

There are people you see every day in your life. You don’t know them but they are like landmarks: ‘Oh yeah, there’s that guy again,’ you think, and then you pass by and don’t give them another thought. The folk I see every day are: the guy down the road with bushy eyebrows, the ‘odd couple’ who scoot down the road on a tiny motorbike laden with shopping; the ‘polar explorers’, an ancient couple who round corners on their sticks like mountaineers heading into a gale; the ‘chopper guy’, a ginger-haired bloke who sails around town on an oversized chopper-bike, and recently the one-legged man who stands in the middle of the road making signs in the air. These are people I see but never speak to, because there’s no reason to speak to them. But I know them all the same: they’re familiar to me, sort of sub-acquaintances, people I almost know but probably never will.
Who are the folk YOU see every day?
I’ve felt a bit flat today, work-wise: having finished the memoir I’m just making notes for the novel and writing my diary, and it’s all felt a tad bitty.
Kirk out