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Liz wrote about the people she sees everyday. We all do that, dont we? See people regularly but never speak, or smile sometimes and even not even make eye contact. But today one of the tutors I work for (both of them work together for todays lifedrawing class as there are so many students) saw me come into the classroom and looked first at my skirt, not at me. She hasnt done that before. So a little truth came out of that glimpse, i.e., that she was working at not responding in the past and today she made a judgement on me. Im not sure I like the judgement she made, but she is human and so is allowed fallibility. Of course that might all be in my head. Just like the reason we dont make eye contact is because we dont want to see if they judge us and perhaps…

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Positive People; Negative People: Misunderstood: Not My Problem

Just reblogging this as a response to my post

on my mind

Being positive is much healthier than not being. But to write down three positives about the day you just lived through, thats really dificult. I didnt think it would be, but I just tried it on that facebook thingy, and I struggled to find a third one. The thing is, it seems to me that if being positive becomes a natural way of life then thinking about it seems, well, unatural.

I moved through my life being hardly thought of at all, then I got all Spiritual and positive, then something happened, and reality sneaked in and people called me negative, then I got spiritual in a diferent way and now, at least one person has made some lovely positive statements about me. I wont name her, if she reads this she will know, and hopefully will know that when I thank her, I mean it. I rarely say anything…

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