Positive People; Negative People: Misunderstood: Not My Problem

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on my mind

Being positive is much healthier than not being. But to write down three positives about the day you just lived through, thats really dificult. I didnt think it would be, but I just tried it on that facebook thingy, and I struggled to find a third one. The thing is, it seems to me that if being positive becomes a natural way of life then thinking about it seems, well, unatural.

I moved through my life being hardly thought of at all, then I got all Spiritual and positive, then something happened, and reality sneaked in and people called me negative, then I got spiritual in a diferent way and now, at least one person has made some lovely positive statements about me. I wont name her, if she reads this she will know, and hopefully will know that when I thank her, I mean it. I rarely say anything…

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