The Last Days of Richard III

Today we have a guest poem, written by Graham Gee Connolly:

The Last Days of Richard III

Richard the Third was travelling through Leicestershire

he stopped at the Blue Boar Inn for a nice cold beer

He stayed overnight then was on his way

He had just earlier fed his horse with hay;

Lady Jane Grey of Bradgate Park said to Richard the Third,

Please tell me about this news I’ve heard –

Are you doing battle in Bosworth Field?

If the enemy comes at you, never yield.

Lady Jane said, Don’t think you can sleep in my bed

If your gown is blood-stained you can sleep in the garden shed.

That was said with a tear in her eye

then Richard bid Lady Jane his very last good-bye.

Later his soldiers stated he was very brave

by now he was already in his grave

he had died in terrible pain;

that was the last he saw of Lady Jane.

Lady Jane was never ever to blame;

she later died of terrible shame.

Richard III died in Bosworth Park

he was dead well before dark.

c. Graham Gee Connolly, mentored by Liz Gray

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