UKIP If You Want To

I guess that’s what Thatcher might have said in response to the current surge in anti-European feeling: then again, perhaps under Queen Margaret, UKIP wouldn’t have gained so much ground, since she was an arch-sceptic where the EU was concerned.  She didn’t even speak French!

Not that I am indicating approval of any of this: frankly, I am quite disgusted with the amount of air-time given to UKIP.  It’s blatantly unjust and it’s media-led rather than politically-led: because they are a bunch of ranters who give good televisual value, they get a disproportionate amount of air-time – whereas the Greens, who put forward reasonable arguments in reasoned tones, just languish unheard in a cupboard.

Enough!  I say before they are allowed on TV, these so-called UKIP-pers should be made to take an English language test!  And if they can’t use a subordinate clause or correctly place an apostrophe, they’re out: they can all go back to Essex where they came from and leave the rest of us in peace.  They come over here, claiming our attention, trying our patience and taking over our air-waves – and I say enough is enough!  

There’s a petition going round about fairness to all parties in the media.  Sign here:

Kirk out