Sound Cafe Poetry

I love this: it was written at Sound Cafe while a very talented harpist was playing her harp.

A little music to harp about

While she plays

While the string sings

And every voice quiet

While standing in everyday

Many a face can express

Taste many a cup of tea

And sound the string sings

A little music in a cloud

A little taste of sound

Cakes and crumbs found

On a journey homeward bound.

© Maxine Beesley

Comment please.

Kirk out



Filed under friends and family, God-bothering, music, poems

3 responses to “Sound Cafe Poetry

  1. I really enjoyed the playing around with rhymes and repetition and mixing up of the senses.

  2. listening with eyes, makes them feel nice, strings and things and words and rhymes that flies , with noiseless music lurking behind. sbr2014

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