When All Else Fails, Read Instructions

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve got a real antipathy to reading instructions.  Perhaps it’s just an innate bolshiness; a dislike of being told what to do, but whatever the cause I just plunge straight in there with something new, not bothering to read the packet.  Hence the first time I used dishwasher tablets I tried to unwrap them.  Unfortunately they were cheap ones with a porous wrapping, so the contents spilled everywhere.  ‘Ah, so you don’t unwrap dishwasher tablets!’ I concluded; so that the next time we bought some I placed one in the slot unwrapped and then wondered why it hadn’t worked.  Eventually I found it stranded by the filter, its contents pristine and unused.  Then I read the instructions…

It was just the same when I was four and tried to walk to France.  If I’d read the instructions – ie discussed the idea with my parents – I’d have found out that you can’t walk to France.  Then again since the words ‘you can’t’ are like a red bull to me, it probably wouldn’t have made any difference.

Hang on, did I just say ‘like a red bull’?  An interesting conflation of ideas there…

I also fail to read ingredients on food packets, something which drives Mark mad.

Anyway, nowadays I have taught myself that when trying a new product or recipe it pays to read the instructions, so with gritted teeth I open the book (or packet) and force myself to do so.  But I really don’t like it!

I’m off now to Tomatoes, and then to a wedding!  I shall report back on both later.  Also, Holly is here for the weekend, so that’s good.


Kirk out