Christ, Napping

I was wondering the other day about what happened to the Jesus Army.  Well, apparently nothing happened to them; they’re still around, at least according to their website, though they’re not so much in evidence on the streets.  I have seriously mixed feelings about the Jesus People: on the one hand, they do seem sincere and they do some good stuff; on the other hand they indulge in what is now called ‘Christ-napping’ – picking homeless people up off the streets and taking them to church, presumably with the sweetener of a meal or hot drink.

I really disapprove of these tactics: if you want to help homeless people then just help them.  Feed them, offer hot drinks, clothing, whatever – but don’t make going to church a condition of having this stuff.  Don’t make them tick a box (or a pew) before they can get the help; because that sucks.  Just offer the help; be the church – and then maybe they’ll want to join.  Maybe not, but at least you’ll have done something worthwhile.  Sound Cafe works on this principle, and so does Tomatoes.  It’s like St Francis said: ‘Talk about God all the time: use words if you must.’

So anyway – my thought for the day is this: that the sculpture of the homeless Jesus should be called ‘Christ, Napping’.

Not bad eh?

Kirk out

PS And here are the Jesus People, if you want to look them up:


4 thoughts on “Christ, Napping

  1. Hello Lizardyoga, yes we are very much still around!

    Thank you for your kind words about our sincerity and good work. As for ‘Christ-napping’, as you call it, we’re very much opposed to any bait and switch trickery! Our Jesus Centres (e.g are places people from all walks of life receive help, whatever their religion, lack of religion, social standing etc, no strings attached!

    All the best,

    1. This is Amanda, Liz’s partner. I just took a look at it and it does seem really good and along the lines of the kind of thing I get involved in via the Christian community here, e.g. street pastors and late night cafes etc. However, sadly there isn’t one locally. Is there any chance something like it could start in Leicester sometime?

      1. Hi Amanda, we do have a couple of church groups in Leicester, they’re particularly active in healing on the streets and at festivals, among other things. Their info & contact details are on their website:

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