You Were Only Supposed to Take the Bloody Legs Off!

Well, I have had a bit of a morning of it.  No, I didn’t forget to turn the clocks back; no memory lapse resulted in me arriving an hour late for whatever I was going to – hang on, would I have arrived an hour late?  Or would I have been early?  I find it terribly confusing all this clocks-going-back-and-forth malarkey: I’ve got the hang of what happens and when, thanks to Mark’s little jingle ‘Spring forward and Fall back’, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what the consequences are.  Do we get an extra hour or lose an hour?  Let’s see; if I woke at what is now 5 am and thought it was 6 am because I hadn’t put the clocks back then I’d trot off for a service at 10.30 (my 10.30) and for everyone else it’d be 9.30 so that means……… I’d be early!  Maybe I should think up another rhyme, such as ‘Spring late and Fall early’.  That’d help.

This reminds me of the works of EF Benson, whom long-time readers may remember me mentioning a while back.

When British Summer time is brought in, one of the characters refuses to recognise it and so invitations to tea are worded: ‘Please come to tea at 3.30 (your 4.30)…’

Have I got that right?  Would it be ‘4.30 (your 3.30)’?


Aaaaaaanyway, I eventually tumbled out of bed at 10, having had a lovely lie-in, and after breakfast I started on some serious pruning.  There’s an awful lot of dead wood in the garden, so I had quite a time of it cutting back and clearing up; after which I decided it was time to put the garden furniture away.  The chairs are not much of a problem, but the tables don’t easily fit in the alleyway; still I thought to myself, I’m sick of taking the legs off this table and putting them on again every summer.  I’m sure if I just wiggle it a bit I can get it through.

Yep.  You’ve guessed it – I got stuck.  Then I had to take the bloody legs off…

NaNoWriMo next week, folks!

Kirk out

PS I just mistyped ‘pruning’ as ‘pruining’!

4 thoughts on “You Were Only Supposed to Take the Bloody Legs Off!

  1. its often the case that taking the legs off leads to better results…………………unless you are a spider of course…………Nanowrimo…..first timer, ooo, can i have muster up the dedication?

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