Long Story Short – NaNo Begins!

I wasn’t intending to start NaNoWriMo officially until Monday but I was seized by a sudden inspiration and yesterday morning I wrote my first paragraph. So I now have about 200 words under my belt and will begin properly tomorrow.  If you work every day in November it boils down to about 1600 words per day, which sounds a lot but then again if you just write without editing it takes most people about 90 minutes, so that’s not bad at all.  When I was writing my memoir I did about 1500 words per day and finished after about three hours (with some editing), so I know it can be done.  However, I am planning to produce 750,000 words in November which works out at around 3000 per day – about 10 pages – so I’ll have to try a little harder.  The reason is that I want to end up with a full-length novel, rather than one which, after editing, looks more like a long short story.

I don’t know how the people did who were planning to write 50,000 words in a day.  In a day!  I had never heard of such a thing but to me that comes into the same category as running up Everest; bonkers and frankly pointless.  Why rush?  Why do people do these extreme things?  It can’t be good for you.  Slow and steady wins the race, after all…

Kirk out

PS I’m getting a little tired of Captain Kirk – I think I may need a new sign-off.  One came to me in the middle of the night but it’s gone now.  I wonder what it was?